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Managing a workplace? Then, you must manage asbestos.

In Newcastle, there are a lot of cases where companies got fined for being careless to manage asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in their building. Don’t let this happen to your company! The government policy states that commercial buildings must meet a certain set of criteria to be declared safe for working activities.  Therefore, property owners are obligated to maintain ACMs by having an asbestos management plan (AMP) in place.

Preventing the risk of ACM exposure is important to all Australians – Asbestos safety and eradication agency  (

The Australian Government put extra attention on ACM issues to prevent people from being exposed to these hazardous materials. When property owners or landlords fail to support the government effort, by neglecting the importance of an AMP, criminal charges and fines await. Failure to comply with the current regulations may result in huge penalties up to $3,000,000 for a corporate and up to $600,000 or 5 years imprisonment for an individual.

Newcastle asbestos management plan

Table of contents

Part 1: What is an AMP?

Part 2: Manage ACMs the right way

Part 3: Efficient and safe AMP solutions

Part 4:  Developing an excellent AMP for your company

Part 1: What is an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)?

An AMP helps people with control and management of buildings to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres by their employees and site visitors. The management plan must be written in relation to assumed or identified fibrous materials, and for naturally occurring fibres at a workplace. Briefly, the AMP should define clear aims; what, when, and how it is going to be done.

Who is responsible for it?

In a workplace, where fibrous material is installed or fixed in a building, structure, or plant; the person with control or management of that workplace must identify all ACMs. Further, this person must also produce an asbestos register with details of the form, location, type, and condition of identified fibrous products. This could include:

  • Identifying all areas where they have control or management, including any structures or parts of buildings
  • Identifying if there are structures which they have management or control over that may contain fibrous products
  • Consulting the manufacturer, supplier, or designer of the building to find out if there is ACM present
  • Consulting employees and HSRs about this identification process. They can give more information about the presence of fibrous materials in the workplace.


Factors to consider when identifying fibrous materials

  1. When was the building built?
  2. Were there any renovation or refurbishments to the building prior to 31 December 2013?
  3. What types of materials were used to construct the building?
  4. Talk to suppliers, manufacturers, and designers of the plant
  5. Talk to workers or employees who have worked at the company for a long time
  6. Visually inspect the building to identify ACMs and inaccessible areas
  7. Take photographs and notes (e.g. roofing, fencing, cement sheeting products)

You can also check the links given below to find out more about fibrous materials:

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  2. Newcastle City Council –

Part 2: Manage ACMs the right way

When dealing with ACMs, you need the right pro for the job. Worry no more, you can easily find professional A-class licensed contractors through us. Asbestos Watch Newcastle will connect you with reliable and trusted asbestos contractors to get the job done right. Our endorsed members are eager to develop a sound control plan for you.

Here are top 3 reasons why you need to contact our licensed members:

  • They are knowledgeable and experienced: Our members have appropriate training, experience, and knowledge in identifying suspected ACMs and able to perform risk assessments at your premise. They are also familiar with construction practices to determine where an ACM is likely to be present.
  • They take all projects seriously: Our approved members take all scale of projects seriously. This why they are always upfront about the process and cost of asbestos management plan Newcastle services. We can ensure you that all of our approved contractors will treat all works in a professional manner regardless of the job’s scale and scope.
  • Excellent quality services at value costs – Whether your need asbestos management plan Newcastle services in commercial, industrial, or residential settings; our endorsed members can help! Through the years, they have delivered exceptional quality services to clients at value prices.

Part 3: Efficient and safe AMP solutions

 Discover how our members will work with you to develop a sound asbestos management plan Newcastle:

1. Conducting a pre-inspection

A through inspection is considered important when dealing with ACMs. A competent expert will be able to identify the presence of ACMs in your property as well as their conditions. Our endorsed contractors may perform these steps to properly identify fibrous materials at your premise:

  • They may request a meeting to discuss your needs and problems.
  • Upon agreement, they will send an occupational hygienist to inspect your property for ACMs.
  • When needed, they will conduct sampling and testing processes.
  • They will develop an asbestos register for your property. They’ll create a template and note down each material that may contain ACMs.
  • After the inspection, they will present their findings to you and make sure that you understand the information stated in the report.
  • They will sign the register to formalize it.

2. Create a practical AMP at your workplace

Our approved contractors will create a control plan that is simple and understandable. The management plan will address the following:

  • The person who is responsible for fibre management
  • Results from the pre-inspection
  • Plans on how the fibrous materials will be worked on
  • Monitoring or re-inspection schedule of all friable ACMs
  • Proper decontamination and disposal method

asbestos register data infographic

3. Performing a periodic review

To monitor the effectiveness and progress of the set control measures, the AMP must be reviewed on a regular basis. Our members will re-visit your site to assess the condition of all unremoved ACMs. They will also make sure that your AMP is up-to-date in accordance with the latest regulations.

The review involves determining the effectiveness of your AMP in terms of:

  • Raising ACM awareness. They can also do awareness training for your employees.
  • Preventing fibre exposure
  • Managing and controlling maintenance workers and contractors
  • Highlighting control measures that are needed there. As an example, our members may do an asbestos removal work for damaged ACMs at your place.

Part 4: Developing an excellent AMP for your company

It is important to make sure that the implemented control measures are working effectively. This is why it’s important to get an expert’s help to help you develop an excellent AMP for you.

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Our approved contractors are highly skilled, experienced in performing asbestos-related jobs. They will walk with you from the first inquiry to the time when the project is completed. Our approved removalists specialise all types of fibre-related services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

Our members have worked with numerous companies and delivered the desired solutions for them. They know precisely what needs to be done to help you.  When needed, they can also update and review your AMP for continued compliance with the latest requirements.

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