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How safe is your roof?

Asbestos has been extensively used in a large number of building materials, including roofing and siding products. It was used in commercial, industrial and residential construction applications. Asbestos was commonly mixed with cement to make stronger, lighter, and more durable commercial products.

The danger of asbestos-containing material (ACM) roofs begins after years of usage; when they start to get weathered. The weathering process indicates that there are changes in the material structures. It decomposes the product back into its original form as friable materials. At this state, even the slightest disturbance like a wind blow can cause a dangerous event or even worse, can costs you a lot of money.

Since roofs are located outside of the building, the risk of being exposed to friable roofing products is high. A single exposure to these harmful friable materials can lead to acute respiratory illness, such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive type of cancer that happens in the lining of the lungs. Currently, there is no cure for mesothelioma. – Australian Asbestos Network

Even though the production of fibrous roofing products was banned entirely in 2003. Fibrous roofing products can still be found in many roofs across Australia. Why? Because there are so many buildings built before the 1980s still contain ACMs.

Newcastle asbestos Roof Removal process

Now, ask yourself: Do you have ACM roofing products on your property?

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Newcastle Asbestos Roof Removal Process

Table of Contents

Part 1: How to handle fibrous roofs safely?

Part 2: High-Quality Asbestos Roof Removal Newcastle Services

How to handle fibrous roofs safely?

There is only a way to handle hazardous materials safely: contact a professional contractor. Professional contractors are certified to handle fibrous roof removal jobs safely in no time. Don’t risk yourself of being exposed to asbestos. Just get yourself an expert to get it done!

Through Asbestos Watch Newcastle, you can find experts to handle your asbestos roof removal Newcastle projects. Asbestos Roof Removal Newcastle services, that are offered by our endorsed experts, consist nothing but the best procedure in the Newcastle region. Our members will deliver the work thoroughly; starts from performing ACM sampling and testing before executing any asbestos removal Newcastle work.

Why exactly do you need to choose our endorsed members?

  • They can do all types of projects: When you choose our endorsed contractors, you don’t need to worry whether they’re going to fit the jobs or not. Because as A-Class Licensed contractors, our experts can do all type of asbestos roof removal Newcastle works. From residential to commercial issues, there is nothing that couldn’t be done by our experts.
  • They are reputable and reliable: We only endorse professional contractors who have an A-Class Certification. They’ve been through extensive training to deliver high-quality services. They conduct the jobs of removing ceiling in the most secure manner. They are vast experienced in their fields of work.
  • They deliver excellent services at great prices: Our professional contractors will create a timeline and plans to match your budget. They are keen to deliver excellent services according to your needs – at a great price! Rest assured you can discuss the project budget with our experts comfortably.
  • Your health and safety are their highest priority: Our members aim to give you the best roof removal services. Because your health and safety are our highest priority. Therefore, we only endorse reliable removalists with trusted reputation.

High-Quality Asbestos Roof Removal Newcastle Services

 It’s important to conduct asbestos roof removal work safely. An improper handling of fibrous roofing materials could put not only you but also your neighborhood in danger. Thus, homeowners are highly advised to contact a competent contractor to do the job.

Keep in mind: Only A-Class licensed contractors and have certification to remove fibrous roofs.

Our endorsed members strive to deliver comprehensive services as follow:

1. Performing inspection on your ceiling thoroughly

It is hard to tell which parts of the roof contain fibrous materials. Why? Because ACMs are not visible to the naked eyes. Since not all of roofing materials contain fibres, homeowners need to make sure that they don’t treat the one with ACMs in the wrong way. Therefore, owners need to test their ceilings via a licensed assessor.

Through Asbestos Watch Newcastle, you can get asbestos testing simply done professional contractors. Our endorsed removalists will come to your place and take samples to be tested in a certified laboratory in the most secure manner. An ACM product needs to be handled with special care; you can’t just drill it, cut it, saw it, break it, and not even scrub it! So, don’t ever think about taking a sample yourself.

2. Removing and replacing all ACM ceilings or the supporting structures

Removing fibre products from your place is not an easy task. You need to get it done by following applicable safety procedures and guidelines. While executing the jobs, first, you need a set of safety gear and proper equipment. Through the help of experts, you don’t need to be worried about preparing this equipment.

Professional contractors will safely deliver the removal jobs. They will also conduct encapsulation processes to keep the environment safe. Encapsulation is a process that includes coating any damage materials with a special adhesive to prevent health hazards to the surrounding environment.

After the encapsulation process, experts will continue to remove the ceiling. Our members may perform these following processes:

  • Cover the area, where the ACM extraction process takes place, with plastics.
  • Wet down the suspected materials with a mixture of liquid soap and water to reduce dust formation.
  • Isolate the working area from people without safety gear.
  • Remove the materials using a flat pry bar from the top of the ceiling.
  • Ensure that all removed ACM ceiling remains wet.
  • Wrap all of the hazardous waste in sealed plastic bags.
  • Dispose of the used safety clothing in sealed plastic bags.
  • Replace the old ceiling with new safe material based on your request.

3. Harmful substances disposal

Illegal transport and disposal of hazardous waste can lead to criminal charges and fines. You can’t even dump the toxic waste in your regular garbage can. Therefore, our endorsed contractors will also get it done for you!

Save your time for looking the right removalist with us! We are keen to help you find great A-class licensed contractors for your project. Our endorsed members strive to meet your expectation by delivering exceptional services. Get the right solution for your fibrous roofs now by getting 3 free quotes from our members!