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Asbestos threat on property’s value

The disclosure of whether asbestos-containing material (ACM) present within a property should become mandatory, according to one of NSW’s peak real estate bodies. The real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) proposed that the state government should have a special task force to develop a statewide plan for the management and removal of ACM in NSW.  This would include requiring property owners or real estate agents to disclose to any potential buyers whether a property contains fibrous material or not.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance! Before somebody rents or purchases a property, there should be a report outlines whether the property contains asbestos or not. – Tim McKibbin, REINSW Chief executive officer

If you intend to sell a property built before the 1990s, it is likely that it will contain ACM. It is difficult to tell whether a material is ACM or not just by looking at it. A thorough analysis by a licensed assessor can identify potential ACMs within your property.

Unsure if your property contains ACM?

Then, you need to get in touch with us immediately!

Asbestos Watch Newcastle will connect you with reliable contractors who conduct a thorough testing process in commercial, government, and residential building. Our endorsed contractors will perform asbestos testing Newcastle process by a thorough inspection of your property starting from the ceiling until beneath the floor.

Only a licensed expert knows what and where to look for. Upon your request, our members will come in and determine the presence of ACM within your property. They will collect samples from the suspected material and test them via an accredited laboratory. We ensure that all of our approved contractors conduct all processes and procedures in accordance with state and local regulation standards.

When it comes to asbestos testing in Newcastle, it is best to contact an expert through Asbestos Watch Newcastle!

Newcastle asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing, Inspection and Sampling Process:

Table of contents:
Section 1: ACM could be anywhere in your property

Section 2: Asbestos Watch’s members take care of everything

Section 3: Exceptional quality services for asbestos testing Newcastle

Section 4: Ensure a safe working and living space today!

Section 1: ACM could be anywhere in your property

Before the ban on ACM came into effect in 2003, this harmful substance was extensively used in commercial, public, and residential buildings in Australia. In Newcastle, fibrous material can still be found in many different products including thermal insulation, fireproofing, electrical insulation, and building materials. Some residential and industrial buildings were either renovated or built using commercial products that contain fibrous materials.

In fact, these products are even used in Newcastle until the late 1990s.

Below, you can find 3 main reasons why you need to seek help from a licensed professional to perform asbestos testing in Newcastle.

Reason #1: Fibrous material was widely used in NSW

More than 2500 products containing ACM were used in construction, including:

  • Some roofing made of fibrous types of cement
  • Drywall compounds and textured ceilings used on ceiling and wall joints
  • Insulation between 1930 and 1950
  • Artificial embers and ashes sold for use in fireplaces may contain ACM
  • Floors and walls around wood burning stoves may be protected with ACM paper, cement sheets, or millboard.
  • Vinyl floor tiles and adhesives may contain ACM
  • Steam and hot water pipes in older residential buildings may be coated with a fibrous material or coated with a fibrous tape.
  • Fencing products
  • Coal and oil furnaces and gaskets may have ACM insulation.

Reason #2: ACM can diminish property’s value

A study conducted by Fisher et. Al. revealed that the presence of fibrous materials affects property’s value. The market value of a property with ACM is 10-30% lower than a comparable property that is free from fibrous materials. Here are more interesting findings from the study:

  • On average, it takes 8 months longer to sell a property with ACMs than a property without ACMs.
  • Rental properties that have ACMs take 4.88 months longer to be filled than a rental property without ACMs.
  • The rental rates for properties with ACMs are comparably lower than properties without ACMs; retail buildings (8-10%), industrial buildings (6-10%), office buildings (11-12%).
  • The operating expenses for properties with ACMs are comparably higher than properties without ACMs; retail properties (5-7%), industrial properties (3-4%), office properties (7-8%).

Reason #3: DIY testing can be dangerous

If you live in a single house, the regulation stated that you could perform sampling yourself for ACM testing purposes. However, you have to keep in mind that working directly with this hazardous substance is dangerous and can be physically demanding.

Since you are working with water to damp the suspected fibrous materials, it can be dangerous to work near the electrical circuit. There is also a risk of falling when you are working in high places and using a ladder. No matter how good your DIY skills are, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. This is why you need to call a licensed expert to perform asbestos testing in Newcastle.

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Section 2: Asbestos Watch’s members take care of everything

We understand that finding an expert for your asbestos-related projects is not always easy. This is why we aim to connect you with A-class licensed contractors that you can rely on. Rest assured we will only connect you with professional removalists who have a valid license, public liability insurance, and excellent safety records.

Why you need to contact our members today?

Easy and straightforward process: Getting a reliable contractor through us involves straightforward processes that took only a few minutes. You can easily discover contractors, their services, and read verified reviews on our site. Get fast and free quotes from 1,2, or even 3 contractors straightaway! You can either give them a call or fill in our ‘request-a-quote’ form to get competitive and commitment-free quotes.

Our members are selectively chosen: There are many contractors out there claiming as experts while in fact, they are not. You will easily avoid such contractors when you hire a pro through us. All of our approved members are fully A-class licensed, have a valid ABN, and public liability insurance.  Hire with confidence knowing all pros in our list have what it takes to perform safe asbestos testing Newcastle process.

Exceptional services at the right price: Whether you need asbestos testing Newcastle in residential, government, or industrial settings; our members know how to deliver the project on budget and on time. If you’re looking for the most competitive cost and a great level of service, our endorsed contractors can provide you with a solution.

They employ modern tools and equipment: Our members use the state-of-the-art analytical technique to manage all phases of the asbestos testing Newcastle jobs. They will conduct microscopic analysis using modern analytical instruments to deliver accurate results for you.

Section 3: Exceptional quality services for asbestos testing Newcastle

Any fibrous materials may release hazardous fibres when they are damaged, removed, repaired, drilled or disturbed. You should make a note of signs of damage or wear to prevent the risk of exposure. When you believe that your property has fibrous material, get in touch with one or more of our approved members.

Our members will take care of everything; from sampling, testing, to site decontamination.

Here are services offered by our approved contractors:

Service #1: Performing sample collection

Our approved contractors will perform sampling carefully to make sure that your building occupants are not exposed to fibrous materials. Briefly, their team of specialists will consider these steps to prevent fibre exposure during sampling:

  1. They will wear personal protective equipment such as P2 gloves, P2 respirator, safety spectacles, and other safety equipment needed.
  2. Turn off any air conditioner and fan to prevent hazardous fibres from being airborne.
  3. Wet the sampling area by using a low-pressure spray bottle.
  4. Take the sample carefully with pliers. They will approximately take 100 gr of sample for analysis.
  5. Put the sample in a zip lock bag and put the bag in a second container. They will also give a label to the bag.
  6. Clean the sampling area and all equipment with a wet towel.
  7. Put all equipment inside a trash bag and put them in a second container. Throw the bag in a non-recyclable container.

Service #2: A thorough analysis of ACMs

Our endorsed contractors will perform all processes of asbestos testing Newcastle under national and local standards. Their team of specialists will use microscopic analysis for qualitative and quantitative assessment of the fibrous material. The sample will be analyzed using different techniques such as by using stereo microscopic analysis (SMA) and polarized light microscopy (PLM) techniques. PLM is the most common method employed by our members to identify fibrous material since it can differ friable fibres and non-friable fibres from a bulk material. Our endorsed contractors also often use SMA method since this method can distinguish friable and non-friable fibre based on their morphology. They will later give you a report stated whether fibrous material is present in your property or not.

Service #3: Dispose of hazardous waste to a landfill site approved by the city council

ACM waste must be disposed of at a lawful landfill site that can accept hazardous material. Our approved members will perform all works related to disposal of the harmful waste in accordance with current regulations and guidelines. The waste will be transported to the landfill site by using a leak-proof vehicle. They will later locate and dispose of the waste in the nearest legal landfill site.

Disposal site for ACM in Newcastle:

 Section 4: Ensure a safe working and living space today!

Fibrous materials can have negative effects on your property’s value. When you believe you have fibrous materials on your property, contact experts through asbestos watch Newcastle today to ensure safe ACM testing process.

Asbestos Watch Newcastle will help you to get rid of this harmful substance by connecting you to professional contractors who specialise in ACM testing services. All of our approved members strive to provide you with exceptional quality services at value prices. They know exactly what processes are required to help you identify the presence of fibrous material in your property – safely and effectively.

When you hire our approved members, expect only the best services!

Our approved contractors have years of experiences in performing asbestos sampling and testing in the best way possible. They offer complete and comprehensive asbestos testing Newcastle services starting from sample collection until the disposal of harmful waste in a legal facility. They employ modern equipment for quantitative and qualitative analysis of ACMs. All works they have done adhere strictly to local, state, and national regulations.

Our endorsed contractors have worked in numerous residential, government, and commercial properties. They always put attention to details to ensure that the whole testing process is done in the best way possible. There is no job that is too large or complex for them!

Be smart, be safe! Contact our endorsed contractors through Asbestos Watch Newcastle today to ensure a safe living and working space for your family and employees.